In addition to classic, full-service sessions, I'll also be offering several mini session opportunities throughout the year. These will typically be centered around a theme and prices will vary.

"I like to think of minis as bite-sized photo sessions....a good bite (one with all the icing)."

from emily:

short & sweet (perfect for little ones)

an opportunity to explore fun themes & different locations than usual

a chance to update your family's photos throughout the year

less planning for you: the location & date are already chosen 

quick & easy

minis are...

Reasons to fall in love with mini sessions:

a time to see if we're a good fit before diving into a full session

Be the first to know when new mini sessions are announced and get first dibs when booking goes LIVE! 

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Don't miss a thing

"Our session with Emily was fun, stress-free"

- sarah cundiff

Our session with Emily was fun, stress-free, and exceeded our expectations. She's so talented and puts everyone at ease. Grateful to have found her!


Joyful, fresh photos that tell a story. 

 Photos Done Right

Columbia, sc



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