Farmhouse Christmas

Saturday, November 16th Lexington, SC

20 minutes

I’ll spend 20 minutes with your family capturing all those shots you want!

3 styled sets

Get 3 different looks: a farmhouse kitchen, a window seat, and a porch swing. Feel free to use one or all of them. You choose!

20 images

You will receive a link to a private online gallery to view and download 20 hand edited images.

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Have the cutest card on the fridge this year.

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Your Session

I’m so excited to be bringing these sessions to you this year. I’ve been working behind the scenes for awhile now to put it all together.

I knew I wanted something different and after a few chilly Christmas session days in the past, I also knew I wanted something indoors so we weren’t worried about the weather or hiding from the harsh midday sun. 

More than anything, I’m excited for you to be able to tell your own family’s story through these photos. The different setups allow for lots of variety & possibilities in your images.

Dress it up. Dress it down. Throw in some matching PJs. Whatever you do, make it yours. 

Maybe you have little ones and you want some really fun baking shots…I’m talking tossing flour in the air, frosting on noses fun. Maybe you just want to cuddle up in the porch swing with your sweetheart. Maybe the window seat is the perfect place for that annual family shot where everyone’s actually looking at the camera.

Start thinking about the story you want to tell now. I want your Christmas card to stand out this year. I want it to make you smile.

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Porch Swing

Snuggle up with your crew on the front porch swing with Christmas garland and seasonal pillows and blankets.

Kitchen & Baking Set

This one may be my favorite! Have fun in the kitchen with a little Christmas baking! I’ll provide the cookies, vintage rolling pin, red Kitchen Aid mixer, flour, etc. to help create a fun image for your family. This is especially great for kids!

Feel free to bring along other accessories!

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Window Seat

Before you get too messy in the kitchen, get cozy in the decorated window seat. This is also a great time to get those solo shots of the kids.

Do something different this year.

As of now, I only have 10 sessions available. If you want me to save one for you and your family, click here and get get it booked.

Then check that off your list!

After you’re booked, I’ll send you an info packet with all of the details for the day, along with ideas on what to wear.

I’m so excited to see you on November 16th. Time to get in the holiday spirit!

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