Why You Should Shoot in Manual Mode

This month we’ve been talking a lot about cameras…why you should use yours, why you don’t actually need the best, most expensive one to take great photos. And today I’m gonna share my (probably) unpopular opinion with you….you should be shooting in manual mode.

What!? Manual mode. Do you think I’m a photographer? Have you looked down at a DSLR camera lately? Does it look like I have any clue how to decode all of those numbers and knobs? Did you know my camera even has fractions on it? Fractions. 

I know. Yes, I even know about the fractions. BUT… before you totally shut me down…hear me out. 

DSLR camera in manual mode

Why You Should Shoot in Manual Mode:

Manual mode allows you to be totally in control of the image that you’re creating. Yes, creating. You get to be the one to decide if you want it a little lighter or maybe just a bit darker. Do you want to freeze all of the motion or leave a little motion blur in for effect. Will the background be totally blurred out to make your subject pop or do you want to see every last detail of that mountain peak? I don’t know. You decide. 

You see, when you shoot in Auto mode, or one of the many semi-auto modes your camera likely came with, you’re leaving all of these decisions up to your camera. Now, that camera of yours is pretty smart.  You’re pretty much holding a small, powerful computer in your hands. But do you know what it’s not?  It’s not you. It doesn’t share your opinions and it doesn’t know your style. It doesn’t know to freeze a moment of your daughter twirling in her new princess gown or that you’d really like to blur out the messy kitchen in the background that you didn’t have time to clean up last night. 

When you switch your camera from Auto to Manual, you’re taking the reigns and deciding exactly how your photo will look. If you hand me your DSLR camera right now, I could take your photo with 10 different groups of settings and get 10 different looks. You’d probably only like one of them. Maybe 2. Do you want to trust your camera to make the very best decision for you when it comes to telling your family’s story? I don’t.

But….the fractions.

They’re still there. I know. 

Emily sitting at table with computer
Photo by Kate Cherry

That’s why I’ve been working diligently over the past few months (so much coffee has been involved)  to put together some really great resources for you, starting with a totally FREE, LIVE workshop: 5 Keys to Taking Better Pictures.

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Until Next Time,

P.S.What’s your biggest hangup that’s kept you from learning how to shoot in manual mode? Click reply on this email and tell me. I really want to know!

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