Why You Should Get Professional Prints

At the end of every photo session, I turn to my clients with a plea that goes something like this, “In your photo gallery, you’ll have an option to submit an order for professional prints. I would highly suggest getting professional prints of anything you’re going to hang on a wall.”  

What I want to say (and sometimes it just slips out) is, “Please do not print these photos at Walgreens…or Walmart…or even at Snapfish or Shutterfly. If you do, I’ll cry real tears.” Ahem..I try to keep it together and not sound like I’m begging…but I am.

Let me tell you why….

✔️You started thinking about this session 6 months ago

✔️You booked me 2 months ago

✔️You took a week deliberating on outfits

✔️You emailed me 4 times about the perfect location

✔️You spent 2 hours at the salon today.

✔️You wrangled your kids into itchy clothes and bribed them to smile.

✔️You invested money in my professional services.

So there’s only one thing left…follow through and get professional prints. And if you find yourself at home, looking for ways of being productive…maybe now’s the time to sort back through all of those old digital photos and print them for your walls.

I don’t make my clients order prints through me. I know that they want the digitals. They want to share them online and save them to their phone. They want to text them to Grandma and make a new screensaver. I get that. I feel the same way about my photos. But, when it comes time to choose favorites to be framed and hung with care, don’t drop the ball on the printing. 

Any photographer will tell you that the print quality from non-professional places will vary wildly. You can get the exact same image printed at 3 different big box stores + 2 online print shops and get 5 completely different photos. 

One turns out really yellow, while another has an almost blue tint to it. One is dark, while another is bright. 

Here’s the same photo printed at 3 local 1-hour photo stores.

None of them look like the one I carefully crafted behind the camera. 😭 (Those are real tears.)

I’m behind that camera  customizing the white balance, dialing in the correct exposure, and editing the images on a calibrated monitor to exact specifications before handing them over to you. And if you want the image that you’re seeing to match the one you hold in your hands, you’ll need to finish the process with a professional print. 

Not only will it give give you correct colors, but your precious photos will be printed on archival quality paper that won’t fade and will last through the years. 

So yes, it’s a little more money and time to sit and choose your prints, but you’ll be so glad you did. 

Think of it this way….would you buy all of the top shelf baking ingredients and carefully follow a complicated cookie recipe from a professional baker, just to throw out the warm cookies and eat a box of stale Chips A’hoy instead? Nope. Finish off your photos right….eat those cookies you worked so hard at making. 🍪

And when I turn to you at the end of our session, feel free to stop me and say, “I already know, Emily! Get the professional prints!”. 😏

Until Next Time,

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