The Mom’s Guide to Taking Better Pictures of Your Kids

We’re all spending a lot more time at home right now…a lot. I hope that means that you’re also taking more photos at home.  (If you’re not, hop back to last week’s blog post  for a little inspiration and a peek at how I’ve been documenting my own family.) 

It’s easy to think that you need a beautiful backdrop for photos of your family….a park with a fountain, a field with spring flowers, or a trail with a river. Those are all great, but the location doesn’t make the photo…aaaannnnnd those aren’t even options right now. In fact, I really love photos taken in my own home and I know that one day my kids will love being able to look back on them too. So today I want to pass along my very best tips for taking better photos of your kids…in your home. 

If you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, this is one of my most popular freebies and I think you’ll find it extra valuable right about now.  CLICK HERE to grab your copy of The Mom’s Guide to Taking Better Pictures of Your Kids. I’ll spill my top 10 tips for taking great photos of your kids….things you can implement today and see results. Tips like how to find the best light in your house and what to do to prep the space before setting up the shot.  

So even though I might not be out and about taking pictures right now, I’m still over here, nudging you toward telling your family’s story. 

Stay healthy & safe, friends!

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