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Lifestyle newborns sessions are one of my favorite things to do. I love getting to travel to my clients’ home in the weeks after their baby is born. I love getting to see the big grins on their face as they introduce me to their little one and I lean down to whisper sweet nothings over them. “Look at those eyes! Those toes! That hair!” I love being invited into their rooms, carefully decorated in anticipation, and sinking down on the nursery floor to snap photos and trade stories of sleepless nights. I remember them all too clearly, my youngest is not even 2, after all. 

Lifestyle sessions are different than studio sessions, more relaxed and candid. I include the whole family…mom and dad, brothers and sisters, even dogs. Instead of using intricate poses with the baby, we do lots of family snuggling shots, piled on the bed or leaned up against the crib on the nursery floor.

When your little one falls asleep, I find a place where the window light is pouring through nicely and get some solo shots while she’s asleep. If you want, I can snap a few photos of you with your feet propped up nursing. I’m sure to get all of the special little nursery details and closeups of tiny fingers and toes. I love the versatility that a lifestyle session offers and the friendships I forge while doing them. 

So if you’re expecting soon (or know somebody who is), here are some of my most recent newborn sessions to give you a little inspiration:

TIP: I suggest booking your session before you enter your last trimester so that you’re sure to get a time on your photographer’s calendar. When I book a newborn client, I pencil in the due date on my calendar and ask them to let me know when the baby arrives so we can schedule a morning for me to come to their house. 

TIP: Open up curtains and blinds before your photographer arrives to let as much natural light pour in as possible. 

TIP: Less is more when it comes to babies. I typically suggest just a diaper and a swaddle blanket. 

TIP: Grab a white comforter or duvet to throw on your master bed. It’s an easy way to create a bright, clean backdrop for family shots and baby close ups. 

TIP: Dress comfortably. Since you’re going to be relaxing at home with your family, you probably want to look the part. Many moms choose to wear yoga pants/leggings with a neutral colored shirt and bare feet.  Of course, you’re always welcome to get as dressy or casual as you want.

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