Why I Love Fall Photos

Most family photographers will tell you that our business comes in waves throughout the year, depending on where you live. Here in the hot south, it goes something like this:  

  • January-March: Where did all the people go? The holidays are over and as everyone settles in for the winter. Life over here suddenly gets quiet again. Unless you’re having a baby, I’m kind of shocked to hear from you. 
  • April-May: Flowers are blooming, the “cold” is giving way to warmer days, and moms start thinking about Easter photos. I dust off my camera while you pick out your pastel dresses.
  • June-September: Crickets. It’s miserably hot. Sweltering. I don’t want to go outside. You don’t want to go outside. The kids are all hopped up on a summer sugar rush….see ya in fall. 
  • October-December:  The weather finally takes a turn for the better. Leaves start to fall, the sun sets sooner, and rich colors are everywhere. And don’t forget Christmas photos. In fact, just TAKE ALL THE PHOTOS! 
  • Repeat. 
Emily Ann Photography-Why I love Fall Photos

Right now we’re in my favorite part of the cycle: Fall. I know for sure because my phone is ringing, my inbox is overflowing, and my calendar is color-coded chaos.

After the sleepy summer, I have to steel myself for this season. It’s fast and wild. I’m gone several evenings a week taking photos and spend most days editing, prepping client galleries, sending emails, making phone calls and answering questions.

My mind is swimming with facts about my clients:  her due date, his nickname, and the one thing that makes their older kids smile during photo shoots. 

Emily Ann Photography-Why I love Fall Photos

But I love fall photos and I love my clients, so this is still my favorite time of year. The weather is tolerable, (even enjoyable).  The leaves are starting to turn and my clients show up in warm sweaters & new brown boots. It’s easy to snuggle up on a brisk day.

I have so many favorite photo spots right now, light-strung alleyways and wide open fields. The sun isn’t so harsh and it washes everyone in a glow. It’s just dreamy around here this time of year. 

Emily Ann Photography-Why I love Fall Photos

Then there’s Christmas photos. They sneak up on us.  Always. But we somehow knock them out every year.

As much as I love outdoor sessions, I’m excited to bring these indoors this year to change it up. In fact, you could schedule a family session with me in October and a Christmas session in November and get two totally different looks.

If you live in the Columbia, SC area, take a look at what I’ve put together for you this year! I have a few spots left and would love to see your family. 

So if you love this time of year as much as I do, if fall is your season, get on your photographer’s calendar now. It’s booking up fast, promise. 

Until Next Time,

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