6 Tips for Choosing Family Photo Outfits

If you were here last week, then you know I love everything about fall photos. My calendar is packed full and I get to catch up with so many of my clients this time of year. I always ask what questions I can answer for them and most often I get a reply that sounds something like like,  ‘We don’t know what to wear.”, “What do you suggest for colors?”, “We’re still trying to figure out the clothes.” 

I get it. Choosing family photo outfits can be tricky. They can be the hardest part of the whole family photo deal and the thought of having to choose them can even hold some people back from even booking their session at all. Let me help. 

Here are 6 tips for choosing family photo outfits:

1- Start with 2-3 colors that you want to weave into your outfits. Keep in mind that the colors you choose are going to have a big effect on the overall look of your images. Do you like a light and airy look? Then keep your colors light. Do you like a warm, rich look for fall? Then choose colors that will emit this feeling. 

*Bonus TIP: Think about the colors in your home. If you want to hang these photos on your wall, you’ll want them to go well with what’s already there.

2-Everyone does NOT need to match. If you grew up with the idea that family photos mean completely matching colors or outfits, I’m begging you to move on. I promise not to give you a neon laser light backdrop if you promise not to show up with your whole family in jeans and matching white shirts. 😜

3-If an outfit includes a pattern, try to keep it to just one person. Competing patterns are not easy on the eyes. If you find a floral dress that you love, keep it!  Just try to keep everyone else in mostly solid colors. 

4-Think outside the box when weaving in your colors. If your main colors are navy blue and cream, you can add a third pop of burgundy by weaving it in through you daughter’s hairbow, your son’s suspenders, your husband’s socks, and your lipstick. 

5-Lay everything out on the bed. This is my favorite trick to pulling together the perfect outfits. Often outfits look good on their own, but when everyone is standing next to each other, suddenly you notice that those two shades of red really clash or that Dad’s bright socks are peeking out from under his pant legs and are distracting. Instead of waiting until everyone’s dressed, lay ALL of the clothing out on a bed together.

 Add in accessories and step back to take a look. You could even take a picture using your phone from overhead and then see how it looks to you. You may find that you were too heavy on one color or that a a certain pattern is just too much. 

6-Give yourself time. This means not frantically shopping the day before your session. Give yourself some time to tweak your outfits if necessary. ( I’m totally talking to myself here…I’m the worst procrastinator. ) 🤦‍♀️

*Bonus TIP: Need help getting started with your colors? This is one of my favorite websites for finding new color combinations I love. Try it out!

So that’s it…my 6 tips for choosing family photo outfits. Don’t let the decision making hold you back. It can actually be really fun. Plus…one more reason to shop!

Until Next Time,

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  1. Felicia Schneider says:

    I always stress over the colors for family photos. These are such great tips!

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