October Photo Roundup

A couple of weeks ago I shared just how busy my fall season is. (I may or may not have made an emergency run to the grocery store last night when I realized I was out of coffee.☕☕☕) My calendar is swimming with family photos, maternity sessions, one year olds, and lots of new babies! So if you’re gearing up for your own family’s photos, here’s a little inspiration & an October Photo Roundup.

I met the Bodie family at the SC statehouse for family photos. Mom usually does them, but she’d like to actually get in them this time! (I totally get that.) Photographing older kids is so fun because, well…I don’t have to chase them! I especially love how this brother and sister pair genuinely liked each other. We made our way around the grounds, up the stairs, and back down. I love the colors they chose for their outfits, helping to create soft and dreamy images. Can’t wait to see them again!

Emily Ann Photography-October Photo Roundup-Bodie Family at Statehouse

As you know, I’m hosting my Christmas Sessions next month on November 16th. What you might not know is that I start thinking about them in June. By September, I try to have solid plan. Then I need pull it all together and get photos to show off as examples. So what do I do? I ask my friends to pull out their flannel PJs and Christmas outfits on a hot October day. And you know what? They do it. They show up with smiles and husbands who help me hang the garland while they shimmy babies into dresses and sweaters. Christmas came a little early!

Emily Ann Photography-Boyleston Family Farmhouse Christmas

P.S. I would love to have you join me (a little closer to Christmas) for your family’s photos. If you’re in the Columbia, SC area, click here to read all about it and save your session time.

Emily Ann PhotographyHaigler Family Farmhouse Christmas

I took the Rowe family to one of my favorite little courtyards off of the USC Horseshoe. We were celebrating Elayna’s first birthday and she came with grandparents in tow. By the end, she had all of us singing “The Bees Go Buzzing”. But that smile…it was worth it.

Emily Ann Photography-Rowe Family USC Horseshoe

A couple of weeks ago I got to do one of my very favorite things…make a return visit to a client’s home for newborn photos. I first met Alessia & Bobby a couple of years ago when they welcomed their first baby girl. They were easy going and felt like fast friends. I was so happy to knock on their door again & meet baby Zola.

Emily Ann Photography-October Photo Roundup-Schlote Family Lifestyle Newborn

Moriah & Derek are expecting their first baby and let me tell you, they’re THE cutest. They brought along their rambunctious pup Bentley and Derek asked, “Can we take a photo of me kissing her belly?”. 🥰 The best part is that I get to follow along with them, going to the hospital for a Fresh 48 session in those first couple of days after Baby arrives, and then visiting their home a couple of weeks later for newborn photos.

On Saturday, I kissed my kiddos’ syrupy faces goodbye, grabbed a grande latte, and headed across town to spend the morning with Ashley and Nate. They welcomed a brand new baby girl and wanted me to catch pictures of their new family of 4. Big brother did not disappoint with the funny faces and kisses for his baby sister. We laughed a lot and I hugged them goodbye before heading back across town to my own crew.

I closed out my October with one more maternity/family session just last night. I haven’t gotten a chance to sort through them quite yet, but I know they’re going to be special. We trekked to bridges, lakes, and fields to get the perfect shots. Can’t wait to share them with you!

That’s it for my October photo roundup! Hope these inspired you to get your own family session on the calendar. Happy Monday, friends!

Until Next Time,

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