Finding the Perfect Photo Session Location

When I talk to a new client, one of the first questions they usually have for me, is, “Do you have any ideas for a location?” and yep, I do. But first I have some questions for them…and for you too, if you’ve got a photo session on your mind.

What kind of vibe are you going for? Nature, city, clean lines, modern, farmhouse…..I could go on. But What are you picturing in your mind when you think about your photos? 

This matters. Because if you’ve been secretly dreaming about sweeping mountain views and I take you to the city park, you might be a little disappointed.

photo in city location

What are you wearing? If you’re getting really dressy, I might take you downtown to continue your glam look. However, if you’re going for a super casual, flannel shirt vibe, you might find your fit in a wooded area with towering trees.

Who’s in the photos? If you have little ones, it might be tricky to keep them contained and safe on downtown city sidewalks. A park or open field might be easier for your crew. 

Do you have access to any property that you’d love in a photo? Maybe you have farmland in the family or your best friend can get you access to a beautiful historic house. Think outside the box any you just might find a unique location you didn’t expect.

photo in unique location-airplane hangar

Do you like light and airy photos or darker vibes? If you like darker photos, I might suggest a wooded area or an alleyway with more shadowed corners. If you like bright photos, I might suggest a place with a lot of light-colored stonework or even a beach with light sand. 

Do you have any special places? I especially like to ask this question for engagement sessions.  Did you have your first date in a cute little coffee shop? Did he propose to you at your favorite restaurant? If it’s okay with the owner, let’s plan a session in a place that means something to you.

And although it can be fun to get fancy with  a location, I have to tell you that my favorite ones are usually simple.  An open field. A beautiful white stone wall. A stairway. 

This way the focus is on you and the people you love. 

Yes, that fountain at the park is pretty and those trees make a nice backdrop. Everyone loves a good beach shot and the mountains are made for photos. 

But if you don’t have  any grand ideas, just remember that keeping is simple also means keeping is classic. 

perfect photo session location in a field

A simple backdrop helps us to create an image that won’t go out of style and that can be easily hung anywhere in your home, next to any other photo. 

So if you’re stuck on a location, I hope this serves as a jumping off point. And if you’re local to Columbia and love my style, reach out and we’ll find a local spot that’s perfect for you. I’ll even send over my location guide to give you some specific ideas. 

Until Next Time,

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