Fun Camera Accessories

If you’re anything like me, then you know accessories make things more fun. Need to write down doctor’s appointments and parent/teacher conferences in a planner? Then obviously you need multi-colored markers and stickers to make it fun. Love your morning coffee?  Then you’ve gotta have a cute mug collection. (A perfect mug makes coffee taste even better. Promise.) 

My camera’s no exception to this rule, so I’ve put together some fun camera accessories for you. For my students going through Digital Camera Academy right now, I feel like these will make practicing your new skills more fun….maybe add a few to your Amazon cart for a reward for making it through Module 3. 🤷

4 Fun Camera Accessories

Scarf Camera Strap

I love this one. It’s comfy, doesn’t rub on my skin, and looks cute. I’ve had so many people ask me about it. You can find them in lots of places, but I got mine from this Etsy shop.  

camera strap accessory

Cute Camera Bag

You need to have a padded bag to keep your gear safe, it may as well be cute. I love a backpack so that I can have both hands free and still keep it with me. I’ve been eyeing this one for the longest…

camera accessories: bag
camera accessories: bag

Lens Buddy

Ok, I haven’t actually tried these next ones, but every time I’m at a session, balancing a toy (or an apple…true story) on my head to make a toddler smile, I tell myself I’m ordering one of these when I get home.  There are lots of different variations, but each of these fit on your camera, either over the lens or in your camera’s hotshot (the metal piece on top where you can attach an external flash). 

camera lens accessory

*The more I look through the options, I think I could probably fashion something out of a scrunchie and some googly eyes. Yes? 🤷

Bokeh Shape Kit

Ok, this one is definitely not necessary, and just for fun. If you love bokeh (out of focus points of light) in the background of your image, then you might like this one. Did you know that you can actually cut out a small shape in a piece of black construction paper a and attach it to your lens to make those points of lights into a particular shape? Several years ago, I gave it a try and cut out a small heart and voila! All the Christmas lights in the background appeared as hearts instead of circles. It’s a fun way to play with light and if you don’t want to make it yourself, you can buy a set like this. 

camera lens accessory

So that’s it…4 fun camera accessories that won’t break the bank. Add them to your next birthday or holiday wish list!

Until Next Time,

**None of these are affiliate links and I am not compensated in any way if you choose to purchase an item from today’s post. I am in no way associated with the above companies and do not endorse or guarantee their products. 

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