10 Things Your DSLR Camera Can Do For You

I love a rerun…I’ve watched every episode of Friends more times than I care to admit (try me with the trivia). I sometimes even like to read books over a second time. 🤷 So today I’ve got a rerun for you. I wrote this article back in January, but I found myself wanting to share it with you again.

I’ve welcomed many new blog readers lately, so in case you missed it the first time, or if you love a good rerun, today I’m sharing 10 things your DSLR camera can do for you.

1-Your camera can freeze motion. I mean, stop a race car in its tracks freezing. (And we all know that toddlers are pretty much mini race cars, so this is a super handy tool for a mom.)

2-On the other hand, your camera can also help to create intentional motion blur to bring life to the photo. You can hear the water falling in the picture, right? Feel the mist as it cascades over the edge of the fountain? Well…that was on purpose. 

3- Your camera can blur your background. Those 4 loads of laundry on the dining room table back there? No match for a really wide aperture. Also…look how my subject (ahem…daughter) pops out of this image. 

4-Want tack sharp photos? The kids where even the smallest detail is in focus…where you can each grain of sand? Well your camera + a good lens can totally do that.

5-Is your daughter twirling around in her brand new Disney princess dress? Throwing leaves in the air? Taking a swing with a baseball bat? Your camera can take lots of shots really quickly so that you don’t miss a fast moving moment. (Just count on a little time as you go back later to sort through them for your favorite.)

6-Would you believe that this was taken in a really dark room?  Like…really dark. And nope, no flash. I opened all of the shades and let in as much natural light as I could, but it was like a small cave in here. But my camera pulled through. It allowed me to take great photos even in really dark spaces.

7-Love light, airy, bright photos? Me too, if you haven’t noticed. Well your camera can let in more light whenever you tell it to. It can brighten up even the dullest image. 

8-But maybe you like your art on the moodier side and  love deep, dark, shadowy images. Guess what? That very same camera can let in less light whenever you tell it to. It can bring a deeper mood to even the brightest day.

9-Wonder if your kids might question your existence when looking through family photos because, well, you’re never actually in them? Yeah. I get that. But your camera has the answer to this too. It has a really handy timer function. Set it all up, flip on the timer, and (run and) jump in the photo. It’s a lot easier than explaining it to your husband and asking him to take the photo. Promise.

10-Last, but not least, did you know that you can tell your camera exactly where to focus? You get to decide exactly where to place the focal point and draw the eye. It’s one of the very best reasons to be using your DSLR camera.

So tell me I’ve been convinced to at least pick up that camera of yours and check it out. It has SO MUCH to offer and you never know where it will take you. I’m proof of that. 

Maybe you’ll fall in love and find a new outlet for your energy and creativity.  Maybe you’ll be able to finally have the confidence to catch those big moments like birthdays, graduations, and reunions…or those small ones like first steps, lost teeth, and bubble baths.

Maybe you’ll learn something new, stretch yourself… or create something precious.

Maybe you’ll tell your family’s story.

Until Next Time,

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