Learn my top 5 tips for pulling off your best family photos yet!

5 Tips for Pulling off Your Best Family Photos Yet

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I talk to a lot of expecting moms! Here are the top 8 questions that I am most often asked about newborn photos.

My Top 8 FAQs about Newborn Sessions

Last November, my friend Jessica asked me if I was interested in sharing an office space with her. She had found a new location for her therapy practice and had an extra room. I was so excited at the thought of having my own photography space and also getting to work beside a friend I […]

My Studio Space

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Last week we talked about the importance of finding “good light” and how to find it in your home. Today I want to introduce you to a setting on your camera that can help you control the light once you find it. If you’ve dabbled at all in shooting in manual mode, I’m sure you’ve […]

Using ISO to Brighten Your Photos

I often have people ask me how I got started in photography or confide in me that they are interested in giving it a try one day. They think it sounds fun or they remember loving that photography course in high school. They used to shoot film once upon a time or sometimes dream of […]

Learning to Use Your Camera

Want to know the very first thing I look for when I show up for a photo session? It’s not the scenery or the best background or even what my clients are wearing….it’s the light. I look for the light. I know that sounds like a very “photographer” thing to say, but it seriously can […]

How to Find the Best Light for Photos

Whenever I have my big camera in hand, I can usually count on someone stopping me to chat. Sometimes they want to tell me about that time that they tried photography or how they got a camera last Christmas, but haven’t really braved the user manual. Many times, though, they have a question they’re hoping […]

Top 10 Photography FAQs

Fall is my favorite. Yeah..I know, it’s just about everyone’s favorite, but I don’t even care. I’m more than ready to trade in the hot, sweaty summer for a cool, crisp fall…ready to toss my shorts & t-shirts in favor of sweaters and boots and even ready to trade in my iced coffee for something […]

Fall for Your Camera Again

We all have that one wall….you know, the big blank one that stares at us every time we pass it. A blank wall is a lot like a blank piece of paper…the hardest part is usually getting started.  One of my favorite ways to fill an empty wall is with a photo gallery. So today […]

How to Plan a Photo Gallery Wall

So you get home from your trip to the beach and look through the hundreds of photos you snapped just to realize…they all look pretty much the same. Yeah, there are ones you like best and ones you like least, but over and over again you see the same background, same people, same setup. You […]

How to Make Your Photos More Interesting

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