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I love a rerun…I’ve watched every episode of Friends more times than I care to admit (try me with the trivia). I sometimes even like to read books over a second time. 🤷 So today I’ve got a rerun for you. I wrote this article back in January, but I found myself wanting to share […]

10 Things Your DSLR Camera Can Do For You

So how are your days looking right about now? Lots of free time for binge watching TV, DIY pedicures, and learning a new language?  No??? Yeah…me neither.  In fact, all of these posts I keep seeing of moms knitting a new wardrobe for their 5 kids while their made from scratch sourdough rises in the […]

Carving Out Time to Learn How to Use Your Camera

So I took last week off from blogging…I figured since it was my birthday on Friday and Mother’s Day on Sunday, that it would be okay if I skipped out on work and had a drink in a hammock instead, so that’s exactly what I did. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I […]

Now’s the Time to Learn Your Camera

So my 4 year old just zoomed past me on her Minnie Mouse scooter, barely missing my foot and her baby sister sitting on the floor.  And I swear I just saw a blur fly by outside the back door. Probably my son…or my dog chasing a squirrel. The point is, my house is full […]

How to Photograph Fast Moving Kids

So you sit down to do a Google search for a photographer in your city and you wind up with dozens of results…pages and pages even. How do you even start to narrow it down? Should you go with the top result…not always.  While that person may have a strong SEO game (SEO=Search Engine Optimization), […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring a Photographer

We’re all spending a lot more time at home right now…a lot. I hope that means that you’re also taking more photos at home.  (If you’re not, hop back to last week’s blog post  for a little inspiration and a peek at how I’ve been documenting my own family.)  It’s easy to think that you […]

The Mom’s Guide to Taking Better Pictures of Your Kids

Today has mostly consisted of breaking up sibling fights, cleaning up messes, trying to catch snippets of news, and keeping the kids quiet while Dad works upstairs. Patience is running low, my coffee is cold, and this is our new normal…for now.  This is not a day, or even a week, that makes me think […]

Documenting These Days at Home

At the end of every photo session, I turn to my clients with a plea that goes something like this, “In your photo gallery, you’ll have an option to submit an order for professional prints. I would highly suggest getting professional prints of anything you’re going to hang on a wall.”   What I want to […]

Why You Should Get Professional Prints

I’ve taken photos of hundreds of kids…babies, toddlers, teenagers….they’re all different, but one thing that’s consistent is that Mom and Dad want a smile. Now I’ll tell you that my favorite photos are usually the ones where nobody’s actually looking at the camera. I like to catch you interacting with each other instead. But I […]

5 Ways to Get Kids to Smile for the Camera

If you have an Instagram account or have just tried to put together a wall gallery in your home, then you’ve probably wondered how you could make it look better.  How come some people’s IG feeds look so pulled together while others are a jumbled mess? How come when you step back and look at […]

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